इंसुलेटेड स्नो बूट


पेश है हमारा इंसुलेटेड स्नो बूट, जो बर्फीले रोमांच के लिए सुंदरता और कार्यक्षमता का एक आदर्श मिश्रण है। ड्रेस जूतों से प्रेरित, ये जूते प्रदर्शन से समझौता किए बिना असाधारण शैली प्रदान करते हैं। आंतरिक ऊनी परत आराम की एक अतिरिक्त परत प्रदान करती है, जो आपके पैरों को आरामदायक और गर्म रखती है। हाई-टॉप डिज़ाइन बर्फ को अंदर आने से रोकता है, जिससे सूखा और आनंददायक अनुभव सुनिश्चित होता है। जलरोधक बाहरी कपड़ा नमी से बचाता है, जबकि फोम इन्सुलेशन इष्टतम आराम और गर्मी प्रदान करता है। चमड़े जैसी अनुभूति के साथ, ये जूते परिष्कार दर्शाते हैं। नरम बनावट वाला रबर सोल बर्फीली सतहों पर अधिकतम पकड़ प्रदान करता है, जिससे स्थिरता और आत्मविश्वास सुनिश्चित होता है।

    Opportunity Score
    An average of all the key measures and so the broad measure of the opportunity potential for a new product
    Buyer Demand
    Strength of monthly search volume and monthly sales volume for the organic keyword listing selected
    Revenue Potential
    This metric reviews the revenue that existing listings are generating as well as the potential sales volume
    Competition Opp.
    Based on the number of strong versus weak competitors appearing, your opportunity at succeeding in the market

    Market Data Overview

    The insulated snow boot market has been growing steadily due to the rising demand for outdoor winter activities. The market is competitive, with a variety of brands offering a range of styles and features.
    Average Price
    Averaged across the top five selling products within the product category
    Average Revenue
    Estimated monthly revenue of the top 50 products within the product category
    Launch Budget
    Total estimated investment for three months of inventory stocked in a warehouse ready for launch

    Estimated Factory Costs

    These are the estimated costs of developing your product with a factory and what you should expect to pay for samples and expect to pay for units in production

    Est. Sample Cost
    Est. Unit Cost

    Development/Service Costs

    These are estimated totals for each key development milestone towards getting your concept into production supported by a team of experts in the Region of your choice, dealing with Factories directly, representing you.

    $10003 weeks
    $15004 weeks
    Sampling & Tooling
    $15006 weeks
    $400011-15 Weeks
    Total Estimates

    Design Features Overview

    • Keeps your feet extra warm and comfortable
    • Prevents snow from entering the boots
    • Stylish design inspired by modern sneakers
    • Rubber sole for optimal grip on icy surfaces
    • Fully waterproof and snowproof
    Additional technical specifications and detailed feature sets are provided in your design pack on purchase.
    What you Receive with your Concept
    What happens Next
    Additional Information
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    All-in-One Design Concepts - All Included

    Technical Specs + CAD Files + Expert Insights + Factory Quotes

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    • Ownership and exclusivity to the Design Concept
    • Any intellectual property rights
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    Expert Insights
    • Competitor matrix of top selling products
    • Sentiment analysis of popular features & common problems
    • Product Niche, how your product is better
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    Design Files
    • All Key features
    • Technical Specifications
    • 3D Cad & Tech Pack
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    Factory Quotes
    • Sampling & tooling Quotes from Matched Factories
    • Production Quotes from Matched Factories
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    • 6 Months free Access to the Gembah Platform
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    Ownership You will become the exclusive owner of this concept. The concept will be removed from the marketplace and nobody else can see if or buy it.

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    Onboarding You will receive a platform onboarding email within 24 hours to set you up in the Gembah platform. This is where all your project information will be loaded and maintained through the duration of the project (i.e. if you decide to use the platform, you don;'t have to, but we strongly recommend it to keep your project on track).

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    Updates  We will update the market research to ensure you have the latest market information and upload that information within 3 working days.

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    Deliverables  You will receive an email with the product concept report for your review. Review it in detail and document any questions you have for the designer or the factory. If there are any changes that you would like to make, document those in detail.

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    Quotations  We will ask qualified factories to submit their very best and updated pricing to make sure you get the best deal possible. We will have those quotes ready for your review within 5 business days.

    Development / Service Costs

    You have two simple options available to you with getting your product to production.

    With Gembah Develop your product through sampling into production using our global teams to represent and guide your through the process (see costs in breakdown above)

    DIY You are able to do all your sourcing / production work yourself. We will be on standby to support if needed

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    Who Is Gembah

    We have 600+ Designers.

    We have 2000+ Vetted Factories in our Network.

    Our global teams in Regions support our project  dealing with Factories and through the Supply Chain journey into Production.

    Our platform enables collaboration of between Global teams to bring Product concepts to market in record time.

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    Quotations / choosing a factory

    We will provide you quotations for your product via the platform within 5 working days. If need help choosing your ideal factory and dealing with contracts, you can hire our help.

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    Prior to going to production you will need to develop your product through sampling, this will take collaboration with your factory and likely two rounds of sampling. If you need design or service support, you can hire us to help.

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